Life Force Healing
with Dr. Sally Henderson

Sally Jean Henderson, Ph.D., is a gifted energy healer who helps people, animals, and plants increase their health and well-being by connecting them with nature’s Life Force.

Dr. Henderson was born with natural healing abilities. Now, after eight years of training, she is able to harness and transmit the Life Force from nature. This has given her the ability to heal at a deeper and more profound level. Her healing abilities have been validated scientifically in eleven peer-reviewed published studies. Gold-standard research results support her ability to benefit people, animals, and plants improving overall health, quality of life, and well-being.

Dr. Henderson’s career in the helping professions has been characterized by her lifelong interest in using energy for transformation. She earned her Ph.D. in Family Therapy at the University of Iowa where she was Adjunct Faculty for 14 years. In her career she has worked as an entrepreneur, as an educator, a healer and a therapist.

Throughout her life, Dr. Henderson has been passionate about helping children, parents, and families improve their quality of life. This passion has been a driving force in her career as a therapist and as a college instructor. She embraces the opportunity to use her healing abilities to improve people’s health.

Dr. Henderson is also passionate about helping animals, plants and the environment. She grew up on a farm that raised grain and cattle. Her formative years were spent working with her parents and brothers on the farm and experiencing the richness of Nature. She enjoyed daily interaction with animals on the farm including dogs, cats and horses, who were family pets, and cattle, chickens and pigs raised on the farm. Sally and her brother raised pheasant chicks for a project aimed at replenishing the wild pheasant population on the farm. She is interested in using her healing abilities to improve the quality of life for animals and restore the balance and productivity of different aspects of agriculture and the environment.

Dr. Henderson’s desire to help children, parents, and families led her to major in psychology and ultimately, led to her getting her Ph.D. in Family Therapy. For the past 19 years she has had a successful family therapy practice in three locations, working with individuals and couples. In her role as a therapist, she specializes in energy psychology approaches that facilitate growth and self-sufficiency in her clients. Her goal is to empower her clients improve their emotional intelligence and become more centered in their own wisdom and discernment. In 2016 she became an ordained Minister to provide a foundation to further her efforts to help others.

For 14 years, Dr. Henderson taught a relationship and family course at the University of Iowa. She helped students grow in skill and self-knowledge to facilitate their ability to create a strong, healthy foundation for their children and families. As part of the class she designed an emotional intelligence project using the work of Heartmath. Over the years, 800+ students participated in the project and reported gains in their emotional intelligence.

Dr. Henderson has had a lifelong interest in personal growth, consciousness, and energy healing approaches. Her study of energy healing and energy psychology techniques made her aware of the power of energy for transformation but, as she learned more, she became aware of the limited value of techniques which operate on the level of mind/body conditioning.

Her search for true transformation led her to study with top transformational experts learning about energy healing techniques, meditation, yoga and helping people improve their emotional health. In the 1990s, Sally learned and practiced eight healing modalities. She received positive feedback from those who received her treatments but, like the results obtained by most energy healers, these results were anecdotal, not supported by science.

When Dr. Henderson met Guruji Mahendra Trivedi, Founder of Trivedi Global Inc, and The Trivedi Effect®, she recognized the unique results of The Trivedi Effect® proven in 350+ peer-reviewed studies to improve the health of people, animals and plants. She was impressed by Guruji’s abilities and the value of having the results of The Trivedi Effect® validated by science. This motivated her to become a student of Guruji, developing her ability to transmit The Trivedi Effect® energy.

After receiving several Trivedi Effect energy transmissions, she noticed that her sleep became deeper and she woke up more refreshed. Her productivity and efficiency were noticeably improved and she experienced a growing sense of well-being. But Dr. Henderson was even more impressed that her subjective experiences were scientifically supported. This recognition of the power of The Trivedi Effect® energy to transform people, plants, animals, and non-organic materials led to her commitment and participation in all of the Trivedi programs.

As Guruji’s student for the past 8 years, she has continually been amazed by the dramatic transformations possible through The Trivedi Effect® energy. Her own life-changing results from receiving regular Trivedi Effect energy transmissions from Guruji have included improved health and functioning physically, emotionally, mentally and a significant growth in her consciousness. Her energy became more vibrant, her relationships became closer and more rewarding, her brain became clearer with noticeable improvements in creative problem solving. She has observed increased intuitive abilities, sense of well-being and confidence. She has been supported in her entrepreneurial efforts which have improved overall finances and career fulfilment. Sally’s warmth, caring, and compassion, which have characterised her personality throughout her life, have deepened to a level that allows her to connect with others in an even more meaningful way. In summary, The Trivedi Effect® and her association with Guruji Mahendra Trivedi have significantly improved her life on every level.

This energy performs intelligently benefitting each recipient’s unique needs, helping people optimize their potential. This unique phenomenon resulting from Mr. Trivedi’s biofield energy treatments became internationally known as The Trivedi Effect® . These differences and the seemingly miraculous results of The Trivedi Effect® , are creating a new frontier in science in which what was previously impossible is now possible, changing the perceptions and expectations of scientists.

“Guruji Mahendra Trivedi is an ordinary man – with an extraordinary ability. He has discovered the power to harness universal, intelligent energy – and connect other individuals to it so that they can achieve strength, health, wealth, knowledge and happiness. Imagine becoming not what you wanted to be – but far more than you ever thought you could be. With The Trivedi Effect® , you don’t have to imagine – because anything is possible to achieve”

Dr. Henderson joined the Healing Masters Program (HMP) at its inception in 2011. The effects of receiving continuous Trivedi Effect energy transmissions from Guruji Mahendra Trivedi have resulted in her transformation physically, psychologically, mentally and spiritually. This training and transformation has resulted in her growing from a gifted natural healer to a healer with the ability to harness and transmit the Life Force enabling her to heal at a much deeper and more profound level.

Dr. Henderson’s healing abilities, along with the healing abilities of her HMP colleagues, have undergone rigorous scientific validation. These well-designed studies done by expert scientists have been accepted for peer-reviewed publication. This is the highest standard of science. Fewer than 10% of studies performed in the world are accepted by peer-reviewed scientific journals.

The eleven peer-reviewed published studies showing the significance of the results of Dr. Henderson’s healing abilities are available in numerous major U.S. and international universities’ websites as well as the website of the National Institutes of Health. These scientific studies validate Dr. Henderson’s ability to harness the Life Force for the benefit of people, animals and plants.

Being able to transmit the Life Force and being associated with Guruji Mahendra Trivedi is an immense blessing and Dr. Henderson believes it to be a great privilege for her to have the opportunity to improve the health and well-being of the world.