/What are the effects of Life Force Energy Transmissions? How did Dr. Henderson receive the ability to transmit this energy?

What are the effects of Life Force Energy Transmissions? How did Dr. Henderson receive the ability to transmit this energy?

Healthy, vibrant people have an abundance of life force energy.  As people age or experience high levels of stress, the flow of life force energy can be blocked and the amount of life force energy available can diminish.  Life force energy has been the focus of ancient health systems. For example, Traditional Chinese Medicine calls the life force chi and Indian Ayurveda calls it prana. These approaches strive to improve health by balancing the flow of life force.   

The intelligent energy used in biofield Life Force Energy transmissions balances the flow of the life force and increases the amount of life force energy available to people and animals. Having more life force available increases the individual’s vitality and helps the intelligence of the body repair and balance itself.  These energy transmissions also increase spiritual awareness and consciousness level by improving the connection to the individual’s Source, to the Creator of their Understanding. This improved connection leads to growth in awareness and more access to the individual’s intuitive guidance system resulting in more wisdom in decision-making and more creative problem-solving abilities. 

The effects of increasing and balancing the life force and having a better connection to Universal Intelligence or the Divine can be far-reaching and transformative on every level. Individuals who have committed to receiving this energy, gradually have reported changes in their health, well-being, emotional intelligence, productivity, creativity, success, finances and their spiritual awareness that could be called miraculous. Miraculous is defined here as outside normal understanding about how something happens or what is possible. (See below for more reported results.) 

When Dr. Henderson received her first energy transmission in 2010 from Guruji Mahendra Trivedi, she also learned about the extensive scientific research supporting the Trivedi Effect’s unusual and thought to be scientifically impossible results. These scientific studies proving effects on humans, plants, animals, and non-living materials coupled with her own results from her regular energy transmissions, led to her commitment to become a student of Guruji.  

Since 2011 Dr. Henderson has been in training with him as a member of a group of Trivedi Healers. During this time the Trivedi Healers have received regular energy transmissions and Knowledge from Guruji. Starting in 2015 the Trivedi Healers have had opportunities to validate scientifically that they have received the Gift of being able to harness and transmit this Life Force Energy to people, animals, and plants. 

Guruji Mahendra Trivedi was chosen by the Creator to receive the Gift of the Trivedi Effect energy in1995. Science has shown that the Trivedi Effect energy has the capability of changing the atom, and has been scientifically proven to have many transformative results not thought to be possible in over 350 peer-reviewed published studies. In 2011 Guruji was guided to create a group of Trivedi Healers who would also be able to harness and transmit this energy for the benefit of humanity. Trivedi Healers’ results in numerous studies, scientifically validate their abilities.  These Trivedi Healers’ results are also beyond the level of what is accepted by science to be possible.  

See for information on Sally Henderson’s eleven peer-reviewed published studies validating her abilities.  

Visit for more information on Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and his research. 

Life Force Energy transmissions have been proven to have just as powerful effects when delivered remotely to anywhere in world as when delivered in-person.  

Being part of a small group of healers who have received the Gift of the ability to harness and transmit this energy worldwide for the benefit of humanity and the planet is an awe-inspiring privilege and responsibility.  

Being associated with Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and receiving this Gift both of Knowledge and the ability to transmit this Life Force Energy is an immense blessing. 

Additional Reported Results: 

Thousands of people have received Life Force energy transmissions using the Trivedi Effect biofield energy.  

Following is a list of common results reported: 

  • Increased Focus 
  • Improved Productivity  
  • High Energy Level 
  • Reduce Fatigue 
  • Mental Peace 
  • Greater Calmness 
  • Higher Confidence 
  • Less Fear of the Future 
  • Improved Sleep 
  • Higher motivation 
  • More happiness 
  • Greater optimism 
  • More business success 
  • Lower stress level 
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About the Author:

Dr. Sally Jean Henderson’s career in the helping professions has been characterized by her lifelong abilities to use energy for transformation. She earned her Ph.D. in Family Therapy at the University of Iowa where she was Adjunct Faculty for 14 years. She embraces the opportunity to use her healing abilities to improve people’s health.